Our history

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"Agronom-sad", LLC is an agricultural company with a rich history of creation and activity during 85 years.

According to the decision of the Government in the period  of the largest establishing of cattle stock runches and fruit facilities,  the farm "Agronom" was organized on  land named Lebedyanskaya in 1929  on the base of the "Troekurovo" and nearest collective and small farms.

The state farm "Agronom" was created as a specialized farm for production of fruits. On March 8, 1929, it became an independent production unit - State Farm "Agronom", with the main branch – fruit growing.

Over the entire history of his existence it was several stages of development:

In 1931-1932 the  main orchards were laid out on the area of 1,200 hectares. During this period  the specialization has been focused on apples plantation.  The village Agronom was founded. In 1939 the first technological processing fruit was organized.

in 1951-1953,  the 1,657 acres of land has been transferred to  "Agronom" from the neighboring collective farms  .

in 1961, a state farm Kalinin  joined the farm with territory of 2,753 hectares for cattle stock ranches  and  crop growing. Considering   the specificity of the state farm formation in the Soviet period, the company "Agronom" was transformed into a diversified agricultural plant. At the same time  the first cold storages with unregulated atmosphere were built.

in 1995-2010 years – cold storage boxes with a controlled atmosphere,  grade line for apples calibrating  were led up. The company has its own repair facilities, vehicle fleet,  facilities for bins construction and repair, hotel complex,  canteens,   a market.

Currently, the enterprise of "Agronom-sad" is gardening, specially the cultivation of apples, cherries, red and black currants, raspberry and chokeberry.